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As of now all members will have to get approved by either lilsurfinggirl or bac_derrtysouth. Its come to our attention that some of you may not have a updated journal or could possibly be using the journal so you can join communities and not give them the credit that they deserve. If this is the case we will be deleting these members.

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yes i use this to join communities .I sometimes let the people that made the icons know what im taking and if I'm taking them for a friend. It's your call i guess.

(i hope you don't. i love icons!)
lol i know but we have access to your lj.. i already got rid of the two who i thought werent giving us credit..
haha ok.

see i have 3 journals. 2 I still use. I was thinking about useing this has another journal. then rethought that idea. I have 2 to keep up with. that's enough for me.

I try to let them (people who make the icons) know that i took some. anyway good luck!
umm when i cliked my interest as T.i, i saw this livejournal. umm i'd like to see some of ur T.i icons soo can you add me??! thanks soo much!
all you do is go to the user info and at the top you will see join community.. you click that and we will accept you.

thanks for coming =)
thx so much.
accept me !
can i join ....
Just go to the info page.. at the top it will say join community.. just click that
May i be add plz I update and comment Plz
and i already click join i am just wating to get in
your added =)
i joined..can you add me please! :) thanks

add me
add me? I've tried joining the community but it didn't work. I update & comment.
accept me could u message me about it too? thanks