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icons_gone_wild's Journal

Icons Gone Wild
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  This community consists of: Daily icons & banner posts.  We're currently running this site with two very dedicated moderators. As soon as we get more members their will be an opening for an additional moderator. Until then keep checking back on us. Like any other icon community, we ask you to credit us and or add us in your info page with one of the following buttons:

title or description


  • All posts are friends only. If you want to see our work you must add us.

  • Credit is  required either in your userinfo or in the icon
    description. ( Make sure you comment when you're taking

  • Do not Hot-link. Those who are caught will immediately be

  • Three strikes and you're out.

  • Keep drama & problems out of here. :)

  • No cross posting or Promoting.

  • Link us,please! We would love to have as many members as possible!

  • You can't request anything from a maker, but you can e-mail us with ideas for icons at : photoshop.designer@gmail.com

We're currently looking for more Affiliates. If you are interested click here